Data Conversion

4GL Generated Code

The Gladstone software is 4GL. It is designed to reduce programming effort, thus the time and cost of creating data transformation programs. It is also designed to reuse code for multiple functions.

Process Option Control Processing

The Gladstone software is capable of being processed in multiple ways without modifying code. It is “Parameter” driven.

100 Date Conversion Routines

The Gladstone software allows for handling of over 100 unique date formats. The user can convert from one format to another automatically.

Name File Scrubbing

The Gladstone software allows for scrubbing/cleansing of names and addresses.

Selected Subset Testing

When performing large transformations it is not wise to test with a “Full File” in the very beginning. With the Gladstone software, the process options allow to test with a limited number of records to start. This is good but does not necessarily test all different situations in the source data. A “Selected Subset” is a byproduct of the “Data Integrity” process. It consists of 1,200 records or 10% of a complete source file, whichever is less. This “Selected Subset” will contain nearly all of the different types of data needing to be tested. The test bed may be either added to or deleted from as a user desires. This is a very easy and quick way of creating a test bed.

Traveling Audit File

The “Traveling Audit File” is a process created by Gladstone to allow for validation and balancing of a transformation that might include records being deleted, monetary values changing from currency to another, account numbers being changed, etc.

Master File Display (Source and Target) (Before and After)

During the data transformation process, the “Master File Display” is included; rather than being a standalone process, it is part of the transformation process. It is driven by the “parameters.” The user has the ability of obtaining a “Before/Source” formatted listing followed by an “After/Target” formatted listing. This is helpful for “desk checking” the accuracy of the transformation.

The “Master File Display” can also be used for converting applications such as loans. During the transformation testing, if a loan does not cross foot the program will automatically create a “Master File Display” report that can be given to a business analyst who will then be able to easily determine the issue with the specific loan.