Foreign Data Loaders (Unisys, Data General, NCR, Excel, CSV)

Gladstone provides several sets of programs that convert foreign data and file definitions into IBM data and IBM file definitions.

Some of these include: Unisys to IBM, NCR to IBM, Data General to IBM, ASCII to EBCDIC, among others.

This allows the migration of data that is not IBM compatible to be moved to the IBM platform with ease. The software generates programs that will convert the data from a “foreign” format into an IBM format.


Because the Gladstone software is written in COBOL and expects COBOL file definitions, it is sometimes necessary to convert the user supplied file definitions into COBOL. The definitions might be ASM, RPG, PL1, etc. Gladstone has created filters to convert any and all customer supplied definitions into COBOL definitions.


The only elements to be changed are those in which a user decides to perform “fictionalization.” A user decides what type of fictionalization an element is to receive, such as “Name”, “City”, “State”, “Zip Code”, “Key”, “Date”, “Amount”, “2-Digit Number”, etc.

A user decides certain options such as whether to allow duplicate values or not, or if data should be drawn from the “Fictional Data Pool” in a sequential or random sequence.

XML Output

Sometimes the output is desired to be loaded into other processes. For this reason, Gladstone is able to generate the output in XML format.

Database Loads

Gladstone has created the process of database load records for users who prefer their data to be loaded into databases.