Gladstone develops and markets the following ten software products, all of which are focused on data analysis and data conversion.

Gladstone Analysis Package (GAP)
Gladstone Conversion Package (GCP)
Gladstone Date Package (GDP)
Gladstone Validation Package (GVP)
Gladstone DataMap™
Gladstone DataMap™ Express
Meta Data Plus
Test Data Generator
Utility Replacement Tool

With the exception of Gladstone DataMap™, the products listed above are available in versions that operate on five operating system platforms: MVS, VSE, AS/400, Unix, and PC Windows. Each product’s functionality is the same across the five platforms — the differences being operational and execution based. The only run-time requirements on any of the platforms are a COBOL compiler, a text editor, and a sort utility.

The Gladstone DataMap™ product is a Windows-based pacakge specifically designed for use on a personal computer. DataMap™ greatly facilitates a significant portion of the conversion effort — the data mapping process from one or more source files to a target file.